On 3 May 2020, the French Labour Ministry published a protocol dealing with the recommended measures for the gradual end of containment, scheduled from 11 May. This document is available online.

The French Labour Ministry outlines the recommended barrier gestures (e.g. wash your hands regularly, dry your hands with non-reusable paper/tissue, and avoid wearing gloves) and social distancing measures (e.g. do not shake hands, hug or kiss to greet each other, and maintain a physical distance of at least 4 square metres from each person). In addition, the ministry provides guidance on managing the workplace (e.g. ventilate closed rooms regularly (every three hours) for 15 minutes, regularly disinfect handled objects and surfaces, including sanitary facilities).

The protocol outlines that systematic temperature control at the entrance to the workplace is not necessary, but everyone is advised to measure their own temperature if they develop a fever and more generally to self-monitor for symptoms of COVID-19.

On 5 May 2020, the French Senat adopted a draft bill extending the state of health emergency until 10 July 2020. This will impact certain deadlines that have been suspended by previous ordinances. For example, the suspension of the pending works council (CSE) election (which started before 3 April), provided by the Ordinance no. 2020-389 dated 1 April, would be extended until 10 October 2020.