We are pleased to bring to you the Employment Law Cloud – an interactive and practical iPhone app providing instant legal and HR solutions for all businesses with employees in the UK.

Now available and free to download from iTunes’ app store, the Employment Law Cloud works on iPhones and iPads and provides a quick reference guide to essential HR and legal facts in all the key areas of English Employment law. Easy to navigate, key features include:

• Push notifications that automatically notify you when there are new developments in employment law, making sure that you have all the latest information as soon as it is announced.

• Interactive calculators that provide the unique facility to calculate and email redundancy/maternity/severance pay details from remote locations.

• Detailed and interactive checklists that allow any manager, in-House Legal or HR professional to rely on the app to provide instant access to step-by-step meeting guides.

The app also includes a host of other features, all specifically designed to provide genuinely useful Legal and HR solutions.

It is the essential app for English Employment law advice. Download it free today from the iTunes app store.

If you have any queries about the app, please speak to your normal Squire Sanders Hammonds contact or one of the following: